Aquapolish wet blasting Applications

Cars and Bikes

  • Mechanics workshops, car & motorbikes garages.
  • Vintage & classic cars & bikes restorer.
  • Bicycles repair shops.
  • Individuals willing to restore their collector vehicles parts to original condition.
Aquapolish - microbillage bloc moteur Kawasaki 400


  • Old weaponry, flint pistols, knives.
  • Collectible tools.
  • Old oil lamps and lanterns, fuel stoves.
Aquapolish - microbillage vieux fusil de chasse


  • Chandlery restoration, stainless steel, brass, chromed brass, bronze, copper or aluminium parts.
  • Vintage marine collectibles restoration.
microbillage sablage st laurent du var


  • Machining tools cleaning/maintenance.
  • Molds cleaning/maintenance.
  • CNC machined parts deburring.
hydro gommage sablage st laurent du var